About Us

PreppyDress is a dynamic online clothing store. We mainly sell mini dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, suspenders and other simple and timeless wardrobe must-have items. We take "fashion, elegance, restraint and dignity" as our design concept, use high-quality fabrics, and adopt three-dimensional tailoring. Every piece of fabric is required to be simple and flawless, every needle and thread, every accessory is required to be exquisite and delicate, and every process is required to be meticulously crafted. We hope that every piece of clothing that customers buy is because they like it, not because the clothes are cheap. We go out of our way to find something for women of all ages.

Just feel free to contact with us if you have questions.We will reply you as we see the message.Our customer service email address is : preppydress@outlook.com

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